Gamer 2.0 - Sonic
Gamer 2.0 - Sonic
Gamer 2.0 - Sonic

Gamer 2.0 - Sonic

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Whether you were a Nintendo guy or a Sega Guy didn't really matter, what mattered was that your were a GAMER!

Sonic was the flagship for Sega and the competition to Mario, but the truth is they were both fantastic and now iconic games.  Sonic has endeared himself to us in his movies and this summer with the release of a new Sonic flick, so it seemed fitting to bring out our Gamer 2.0.

This cover features a fuzzy Sonic head in addition to the gold gaming rings & game controller- we hope you love it!

This is a very limited run, so scoop them up fast.  Blades only on this one.

Limit one per household.

12 - Black

19 - White/Copper

8 - White/Gold Special distributed randomly in addition to the cover you ordered