About Us

Welcome to Rocket Golf USA, we're happy you're here! 

Rocket Golf is a new concept born from Hole 9 Design. After several years of producing beloved pop culture covers through the H9 brand, we have made the decision to pivot to a new line and really hope our followers will join us for the ride.

The decision to make such a pivot and rebrand into a new concept is complicated. To begin with, we have always tried to produce top quality covers at a price that all golfers could afford. We had a lot of fun producing and blending nostalgic concepts that you all grew up with, threaded together with iconic golf pieces. However, the demand for USA made covers was heard, and simultaneously, the challenges working with suppliers oversees was mounting. It simply didn't make sense to continue the process as it was, and a change was inevitable. 

During this time, Hole 9 Owner/Founder Aaron suffered a heart attack. While on his new road to recovery, his focus on his personal heath became top priority, and what a better companion for a new exercise regimen than a new puppy! Rocket was a street rat, found in a rubbermaid and abandoned at a dumpster, but his adorable face was met with instant love and he was swiftly adopted by Aaron and his family. 

Rocket was a much needed spark not only to the family and inspiration to the name, but also to ignite the rebrand push and launch our covers to a USA manufacturer. 

We want to continue offering our customers top quality products, produced in the USA with an additional level of control we can only acquire here. We will still be offering our iconic covers but also top quality Rocket Golf originals. 

Be on the lookout for covers that raise funds to support other street rats like Rocket, and the organizations that save them.

Thank you for your support!

Meet our boy, Rocket!